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Thank you for these assets, I used them in my game.

can i use these assets?


I would be very interested to learn how you did the starfield, particularly, the warping effect. It doesn't seem to be included in the assets.

what game is in the gif?

A Pico8 project I made to show off the assets

ahh, ok

Hi! I've just released under MIT license my retro game based on Pyxel, a fantasy console inspired in PICO-8 among others.

I've added you to credits, if you need something, suggestions etc. just ping me. Thank you!

hey, i'm using your amazing assets for a somewhat commercial game, are you okay with that? i'll give you credits anyway, but if you want some kind of payment i will give it to you as soon as i can. i just can't now because i am a student and i need to pay college stuff, and any possible revenue of the game will be used to fund that.

thank you for such cute sprites, i await you answer. if you have any social media it'll be better for me to hit you up there.


Free for commercial use, and donations are welcome, I'm pleased you like them ^_^ you can catch me on Twitter. @_cluly_

cool! i'll follow you

hey! i finally finished the game! i can dm you a download key through twitter but you can support me with a payment wink wink. tysm for your assets :D

Hey, I used your assets for the LowRez Game Jam! It's a pretty fun and colorful asset pack, I hoped I used them properly :)

You can check it out at

I totally missed this! It looks great :D

hi, cluly. awesome sprite set. all I needed to get my old project back on track. could you do now some animations for the bosses?

Dude! I gonna make a game using your sprites! Pm me on Facebook:

very nice! 

man if u can do sprites more big i can make a mobile game

Thanks Cluly.